Industrial system solutions for additive manufacturing of high-performance components made of technical ceramics

D3-AM GmbH
A Durst Group Company

Printed Gyroid Structure out of Sintered Silicon Carbid (SSiC)
Used in thermal and/or structural mechanical applications under extreme conditions, ex. In heat exchanger


The world of technical ceramics: Heat, abrasion and chemical resistance

Technical ceramics are characterized by their extreme resistance to heat and chemicals, high abrasion and wear resistance, and extreme hardness despite their low density. Technical ceramics are therefore used where other materials reach their limits. The printing materials currently used by D3-AM – aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon carbide – are used, for example, in heat exchangers for high-temperature applications, in impeller pumps for chemically aggressive liquids, in the process industry, in aviation and in dental technology.


Unique geometries that fully exploit the strengths of the technology

Compared to subtractive processes, additive manufacturing impresses with its resource-saving properties, as it explicitly applies material only at the points where the component needs it.

D3-AM’s additive manufacturing technologies can produce components of any shape and design. In particular, minimal surfaces or gyroid structures cannot be produced using conventional manufacturing processes due to the complexity of overhangs, hollow bodies and varying wall thicknesses that limit tooling. However, even current 3D processes have their limitations regarding wall thickness, component size, precision and post-processing. D3-AM’s unique technology approach unlocks the full design and productivity potential of technical ceramics.

Printed Impeller out of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)
Used for thermal or abrasive applications in pumps


Industrial additive manufacturing and process technology

Our mission is to provide our customers with industrial manufacturing solutions for high-quality components optimized for functional and application areas using 3D-print technology. Our production technologies and proprietary software solutions offer precise “manufacturing on demand” – fully automated and with integrated quality control. D3-AM is paving the way for the future of industrial AM.


Disruption by Micro Particle Jetting (MPJ)™

The basis is inkjet technology, in which the Durst Group is a global leader and has been successfully digitizing new industries for decades. With the development of a special and unique printhead for Micro-Particle Jetting (MPJ), D3-AM enables direct printing of water-based suspensions with high solids content and almost any particle size and distribution. The result is complex, high-quality, dense components through intelligent droplet generation that can be sintered directly – without any additional debinding steps.

About D3-AM

A company in good company

D3-AM GmbH is a spin-off of Durst Group (, a leading global manufacturer of digital printing and production technology. D3-AM is based at the “Durst Kraftwerk”, the innovation center of Durst Group. Durst Group employs more than 800 people worldwide and has contributed to the digital transformation and the replacement of traditional production processes with technological innovations in various industries. In the ceramic tile industry, for example, the D3-AM engineering team has continuously advanced digitalization over the past 15 years with new machine and automation concepts, material know-how and print head technologies. Kraftwerk is also the base of ADDDAM, a 3D/AM service, design and production company, and other spin-offs and start-ups of the Durst Group and Technicon Holding.

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